If there is an industry for a security guard; Admiral Security Services, Inc has most likely provided services for it. Although the concept of securing assets, protecting personnel or access control may remain to have basic universal elements, and in essence could be the same. We at Admiral Securiy have idnetified that they remain unique in every way. Our success has relied heavily on paying attention to those small detail. Adapting to client markets and industries has been advantage that gave Admiral Security the edge to be able to surpass it's competition. We pride oursleves.

A high end retail store at the mall may require a clean cut security agent in a suit that has great customer skills. A detention facility on the other hand may need a security officer in a police like unifrom that maintans order and does not veer from strict policy. Another example is a contrsution site that may require a hard hat, familiarity with safety standards, and high energy to continously rove the site while being careful and safe. A college campus would need somebody with a stong personality that will not engage negative teenage behaviour while acting as a mentor and a leader to motivate teenagers to follow the rules and polciies.

Admiral Security Services, Inc. goes beyond the basiscs of providing a basic guard. We understand your needs and find the right person for the right job. Our goal is to become a transparent key team player that upholds your policy, your standards while mainting a safe, secure and protected enviroment.

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