Malls & Retail

Whether it's the name brands like Gucci, Prada or Michael Kors, they all understand what separates them from the rest: That is attention to detail. These industry leaders utilize Admiral Security Services, Inc. because they know attention to detail is as important to to us, as it is to them. The simplest gesture for a standing post, such as, making eye contact with the customer, and smiling to welcome them to the store, makes a big difference. Other details that are just as important, having a uniform that is compatible with the site, for example Black Suit and Tie, name tag, and suit pin are more compatible with the store's image.

Grave Overnight posts are popular among chains simply for overnight construction, store layout changes and cleaning. We understand that we need to work with other contractors, oversee them working in the store, and partner up with mall security policie's and standard's. An example is sometimes simply the store security system is down or store doors won't arm or lock properly. An Admiral Security Services officer will keep a vigilant eye on contractors and store assets, do an inventory check, stay alert, make sure the points of entry are secure and locked, and ensure the store setup remains in tact and untouched. The security officer is there to make sure the store and its assets are safe and in proper care until relieved by a store manager in the morning.

We at Admiral Security Services, Inc. understand that detail is everything. We see this, welcome it and integrate your needs with our current standards so that our security guard represents the store and it's team as one, all while upholding the store's highest standards.

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