Ports & Distribution Centers

Ports and distribution centers are very unique industries that require very specific information. We at Admiral Security Services, Inc. understand this and have provided solutions that have helped the trucking logistics industry increase profit and revenue. Admiral Security Services, Inc. has gone above and beyond in designing its own custom software that gathers all incoming and outgoing gate information:truck plates, container ID number and size, seal numbers, chassis number, driver license number for driver, name and ID information for any passengers in the truck, full or empty status, as well as reefer temperatures for refrigerated containers. With this information, we are able to generate an "In-Yard" report showing the full inventory in the yard. Our guards use the latest technology for all gate transactions and this information is accessible to the client via the web. Click here for a current brochure of our Admiral Container Management System (ACMS).

We have also designed and provided special custom identification badges and truck stickers for regular drivers that are in and out of the yard in order to speed up gate processing procedures. We go above and beyond in searching containers, checking paperwork, and verifying driver and container information upon entry and exit.

We have learned current systems used by distribution warehouses and can dispatch containers to the proper door efficiently and accurately. Our team is able to multitask several gates while maintaining security and safety for the facility. We thrive on problem solving and utilizing the guard force by making sure that the information is formatted as needed and delivered efficiently. Reports are digital and entered into a form that is customized for you. We integrate seemlessly into your system to provide solutions that work for you.



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