Resorts, Hotels and Spas

Admiral Security Services, Inc. understands that hospitality and quality customer service is your number one priority. We thrive on providing guests with the best experience, and handle their issues with care. These type of sites have officers that have undergone extensive training to ensure that hotel policy is upheld and customer service is of the highest standard. We integrate your needs, and go above and beyond to provide things such as, collecting breakfast orders, delivering check out folios, delivering newspapers to the guests' rooms, valet vehicles, enforce pool hours, shut down and turn on elevators, turn lobby music on and off, provide access after-hours to approved guests, respond to noise complaints, handle intoxicated individuals, calm and attend to disgruntled guests and seamlessly incorporate high profile guest protocol.

We understand the elements of hospitality, outstanding customer service, and are willing to do whatever it takes to best represent your mission statement.

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