About Us

We utilize state of the art technology in building our infrastructure:

  • Billing
    Admiral Security Services, Inc. utilizes the live command center to verify and clock in/out every person accurately. This information is submitted to a system that can easily produce an accurate, legible billable invoice instantly.
  • Command Center
    Admiral Security Services, Inc manages its own 24/7 security command center. Qualified, decision-making personnel that can handle your request instantly.
  • Communications
    An efficient team communicates well, a responsive team communicates fast. We at Admiral Security Services, Inc understand this and make sure that if you call we answer.
  • Equipment & Technology
    We believe that the best service comes from the best team, using the best equipment and utilizing the best technology.
  • Management
    Every account has an dedicated account manager that handles all issues 24/7, the management team is carefully selected and chosen based on experience and proven history of providing solution at the best possible customer service.
  • Online Reporting
    Complete digital paperless reports, legible with digital pictures available online 24/7 and sent every morning via email.
  • Patrol Checkpoint System
    This is a foolproof system that ensures the guard does regular patrols and checks specific locations by scanning that location barcode on every patrol. This provides clear route and patrol times for security at all times.
  • Time Keeping
    Our business revolves around time. Time is kept track by every guard clocking in either using his/her fingerprint or a caller ID restricted site phone. This insures no error in time tracking.
  • Vehice GPS Tracking
    Admiral Security Services, Inc. patrol fleet all have GPS system installed on board, this allows satellite tracking of all vehicles and provides live detailed information on-demand.

Corporate Office
Admiral Security Services, Inc.
2151 Salvio St. Suite 260
Concord, CA 94520