Billing Process

We understand that you need to close out a vendor invoice or period as soon as possible to be signed off and submitted to accounting. Any delays or lack of accuracy delays the process and produces a negative ripple effect. Invoices are produced weekly, unless a special arrangement is made with different terms. They are compiled from our live system and generated automatically per customer, per location, and reflect real time information. Upon the completion of any event, this information is produced automatically with a backup of schedules or timesheets, and furnished in a PDF format with no delays.

We have achieved a live billing system in all operating states, which means that there is nothing reproduced for an invoice, only reviewed. A security officer is able to arrive to a site, clock in, only from an identified and approved caller ID, only within their shift time. The system then accepts the clock in/out and signs the security officer in after entering their personal ID code. This is then automatically registered on our dispatch screen as in or out. This process is done for all locations and shifts 24/7 by our live by our live command center. At the end of the payroll/billing cycle an account manager is able to print out a report and operationally review the time for all sites. This is then submitted to accounting, which does an overall accounting review. Reports are never reproduced, only reviewed using real time information with no human error. Once approved, all invoices are generated automatically showing live details. These reports are then packaged in PDF format and emailed electronically to the client's accounting departments. This has not only improved our infrastructure tremendously, but has become apparent to our clients that we can provide a timely invoice, that is error free.

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