Time Keeping

Have you had issues with a guard not being on site? Time Fraud? Is there a lack of accuracy regarding the guard's actual clock in and clock out time? At Admiral Security Services, Inc., we have utilized the latest technology to ensure time keeping is not a problem. All of Admiral Security Services, Inc. sites have provided two solutions. The first is a dedicated line for guards to clock in and out. The second is a hand biometric machine that only allows officers to clock in and out using their fingerprints. This line is the only line a security officer can clock in and clock out from. The dedicated clock in line uses a phone line that is coded into our automated system. This system can only accept a clock in or clock out from that line. This line is either a location based hard line or a mobile line provided by the company. This process prevents any officer from attempting to clock in from their cell phone or anywhere else that is not onsite. Our hand biometric machine only allows officers to clock in using their fingerprints. Our biometric machine eliminates "buddy punching" and guarantees the officer is actually on site. These processes have eliminated any time inaccuracies. These systems have given the company the ability to dispatch, track, and bill the client, as well as providing the client with real time information. Thus eliminating payroll issues, billing problems, and ensures proper, accurate compensation. This advance in technology has enabled the company to build on a precise platform versus an approximated one. This has increased productivity, efficiency, accuracy, and response.

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