An efficient team communicates well, while a responsive team communicates fast. We at Admiral Security Services, Inc. understand this and have utilized the latest communication hardware to make sure that if you call, we answer. In the field, we use military grade Motorola radios for team communication by utilizing repeaters for long range distances, and using different frequency channels for team separation and privacy. Administrative communication is built on VoIP telecommunications, which allows access to a phone almost anywhere and the ability to direct a call anywhere. All Account managers, and site and operations staff have dedicated company lines, with email and text ability, making it easy to reach who you need to get at an almost instant response. Our command center is available 24/7, with a live security manager able to handle any situation. Admiral Security Services, Inc. makes it a priority to be reachable, as we understand how critical this is in our line of business. We have adapted many forms of communication, including phone, radio, email, and text. Rest assured, you will get an immediate response with a resolution to your problem.

Corporate Office
Admiral Security Services, Inc.
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