Command Center

This command center must not be mistaken for a call center. Our CCO (Command Center Operators) are made up of security managers that have extensive experience, and are able to make decisions to resolve yours needs instantly, without having to take a message to get back to you. They have the decision making ability and authority to provide you with an answer or a solution right away. We understand the sense of urgency and are prepared to respond to any need you may have anywhere in our coverage area. CCO's have the ability to dispatch a security officer within moments to your location, cancel a shift, relay special instructions, send a supervisor to respond, make a billing decision, negotiate a rate, provide a discount, or even credit time when needed. They have access to a system that displays security officer information on dynamic screens: actual clock in/out, GPS tracking on company vehicles, traffic information and delays, real time ETA's and guard movement. They have the ability to contact the local police department, and communicate an emergency if necessary. Rest assured that you are not just provided a security officer, but a whole team that is ready to respond to your needs.

Corporate Office
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