Loss Prevention & Audits

Loss Prevention

Admiral Security Services, Inc. hires and trains the best loss prevention agents of the industry. We understand that shrink could be a problem, and that it must be handled delicately. Agents are trained to move only when a stop is guaranteed 100%, they are professional yet discreet in their approach. They understand the sensitivity of a bad stop could result in a lawsuit and affect the general customer’s attitude and atmosphere. A suspect is first identified, then carefully observed till a crime is committed, once guaranteed the agent will make a stop then approach in an area away from most customers, then politely ask the suspect to come to the back, escelated force as needed can be applied. Stolen items are then recovered and documented, followed by the legal paperwork being processed. A incident report is created with all details regarding the stop via a handy tablet. We also host a live database of all shoplifters. This database includes their priors, and picture for a quick agent lookup. We not only protect your one store from the one shoplifter, but protect all your stores from the identified shoplifter. For example a shoplifter caught in Oakland is inputted live into the databse so that the agent or store associate in San Francisco can look up this person and see thier history. This database is online and easy to access 24/7 by agents or by store management.

Security Audits

Our Audit department has excelled, granted our wide range of industry experience, and partnerships with law enforcement and intelligence agencies. We are able to detect potential breaches, effectiveness of current security policies and how to provide solutions to resolve any vulnerability. For example, a client would assign a group of their facailities that we would test the current physical and electornic security, acess control, corporate securty protocol... in addition we can follow company vehicles to make sure they are driving safely, and following proper protocols, other instances we can look to see if they are following safety protocols such as shredding proper documents, locking recycle bins or gates... Our agents can conduct pretexts and produce video, photos, sound files, surveillance reports, maps, spreadsheets, and detailed plans that reflect the effectiveness of your security needs and policies. We could also conduct a risk assessment for a site, hotel or conference center that requires a security coverage for an event. This involves a full assesment of security vulnerabilities, plotting floor plans with security guard locations, creating a budget... etc.

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